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Mobile Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending The Innocent And Wrongfully Accused

Mobile Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending The Innocent And Wrongfully Accused

If you have been arrested, or charged with a crime, your world may have been turned upside down. A criminal charge can impact your family, your job and your future. What does this mean to you? Everything.

Mobile, Alabama, DUI/DWI Defense Attorney And Drug Crime Lawyer

My name is James M. Byrd, and I am a Mobile criminal defense attorney. That means the only kind of law I practice is criminal defense. I don't write wills. I don't handle personal injury. I am not a bankruptcy attorney. I have been working 100 percent on criminal defense every day of the week since 1979.

Everybody has a valid defense — but I am the one who cares enough to present it.

What You Can Expect

My approach to criminal defense is simple:

  • You are the boss. I work for you. I will fight, negotiate or settle as long as you approve it. I'll give you my best advice and speak to you truthfully about your options, but in the end the decisions are all yours.
  • I listen to you. The police will have their side of the story. My job is to get your side of the story and make sure the truth is told. I enjoy getting the chance to tell the defense side of the story and for that reason; I've spent more than 30 years defending the wrongfully accused.

Thirty-Three Years Of Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested and accused or charged with a crime — I would like to defend you. As a criminal defense attorney for more than 30 years, I have experience with and knowledge of the judges, police, prosecutors, procedures and the laws. I use that knowledge to help you and there is very little that would surprise me. I handle the full range of criminal charges — from DUI/DWI and drug crimes, to theft and fraud or murder.

I would like the opportunity to tell your side of the story. You may reach me at 251-298-8395 or send an email to my law office. The prosecution has started on your case already. Let's start working together on your defense.

Contact Information

James M. Byrd, Attorney at Law
456 Conti Street
Mobile, AL 36602

Phone: 251-298-8395
Fax: 251-438-2977
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