Mobile DUI/DWI Defense Attorney

Don't Wait | Your License Could Be Lost

One of the first things to understand about a DUI in Alabama is that there are two sets of consequences. One is related to your ability to drive and your driver's license. The other is related to your personal freedom, insurance expenses and criminal record.

There are time limits involved and if a deadline is missed, the consequence that could follow is the loss of your license. contact me immediately, we must not miss any deadline.

Fighting every DUI charge to protect your record

Alabama is a tough DUI state. A first offense carries the potential for imprisonment of up to one year, a fine from $600 to $2,100 and a driver's license suspension of 90 days and possible installation of an interlock device. A fourth DUI conviction is a felony.

As your DUI attorney, I begin attacking the criminal charge by looking at the sufficiency of the complaint. I'll look at the legality of the stop and the field sobriety test. I will look at the sufficiency of all the evidence with challenges in mind. I am involved in about 10-15 DUIs per week, so I know what to look for.

The advantages I believe I bring to your case are:

  • I know the officers and which ones tend to make certain kinds of mistakes.
  • I know the procedures and what to do when.
  • I know the judges and the prosecutors and will use my knowledge to your advantage.
  • I know what is necessary to win the case.