Mobile Crime Defense Lawyer

Some criminal defense law firms have rooms full of lawyers. Every time you call, you might talk to a different person. My law firm is not like that. I am criminal defense attorney James Byrd and when you hire me as your Mobile crime defense attorney, I will be there for you. At my law firm, I don’t delegate responsibility to a legal assistant. Your defense is my job, and I intend to put my entire 30+ years of experience on your side.

I’ll Be There For You

I am available any time during Alabama court hours. If I am in court on another case, I will return your call as soon as I’m out of court. If you have a problem come up before or after the court’s hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), I will handle the issue as soon as the court opens or when the judge is available.

I work for you when the courts are open. After hours, I would just be taking your money.

If I am your attorney, I am at your disposal and you are my responsibility.

Mobile Theft Defense Attorney

My law office is located close to the courthouse in downtown Mobile. I am in the court five days per week and go to bond hearings every day. I don’t delegate those hearings to anyone else other than in an extreme emergency. I’m a solo practitioner and proud of it!

During my 33 years of legal practice, I’ve had the occasion to help people from many walks of life. I’ve represented college students arrested for underage DUIs and repeat offenders charged with operating a meth lab. Has your son or daughter been arrested for drug possession, distribution, theft, robbery or domestic violence? I can help. Have you been charged with obstruction of justice, false information or fraud? I can help. If you have been charged with any state or federal crime, I’d like to help.

More Than 30 Years Of Criminal Defense

I would like the opportunity to tell your side of the story. You may reach me at 251-298-8395 or send an e-mail to my law office. The prosecution has started on your case already. Let’s start working together on your defense.

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